13 Days Until Opening

Abercrombie's Community Kitchen opens soon

Possibly from the former practice of bakers adding the thirteenth loaf of bread to a batch of twelve loaves in order to avoid punishment for accidentally selling underweight bread, we thought it was a wonderfully unsubtle way of us telling you that at Abercrombie’s you get more for your money.

There are a wide variety of cafes and food & drink establishments in every town you come to, & Folkestone especially, there are some incredible eateries including Sole Kitchen, Market Square, Luben, The Diamond Cafe, Noiy’s Noodles, That Burger, and many more.

At Abercombie’s Community Kitchen, we are providing a space to help those who have faced mental health problems to reintegrate into the community. We are providing an opportunity to learn hospitality skills and to increase employability. We are providing a space for support groups, peer-led support, and our SELF Programme designed to support rehabilitation and ongoing wellbeing.

We also have an amazing chef who is part of a Community Interest Company already working in social enterprise projects across Kent, so you are guaranteed good food and great prices.

At Abercrombie’s, in a nutshell, we like to think that you get 13 to the dozen. We will be top banana and the project will bear fruit. It won’t be a piece of cake, but we will work hard, and deliver positive outcomes. We won’t overwork the idioms, but the proof will be in the… well you get the idea.